Your Digital Personal Shopper

Shoppers need help in the moment –
while they are shopping.

Introducing a breakthrough, real-time inferencing engine for dynamic, interactive product recommendations.

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ScaleOut InSite™ Cloud Service for Product Recommendations

ScaleOut InSite uses a breakthrough, real-time inferencing engine to introspect on shopping behavior:

  • Delivers dynamic recommendations computed with each click
  • Lets shoppers interact and help improve recommendations
  • Tracks and displays key statistics in real time
  • Incorporates a rules engine to immediately update strategies
  • Complements existing static recommendations
Product Brief
InSite Shopper Diagram

For Shoppers

Shoppers can directly interact with ScaleOut InSite, instantly creating fresh recommendations with each click.

For Merchants

A real-time analytics dashboard delivers up-to-the-minute statistics on shopping behavior.

What Makes ScaleOut InSite Unique?

ScaleOut InSite incorporates a breakthrough, real-time inferencing engine to introspect on shopping behavior. It uses machine learning to deliver real-time inferencing fast and at scale:

  • Delivers dynamic recommendations in milliseconds
  • Scales to handle 100 thousand+ simultaneous shoppers
  • Learns with every click how to improve its recommendations
  • Lets shoppers interact in the moment to express preferences
InSite Click Diagram
How ScaleOut InSite Works

How ScaleOut InSite Fits into Your Site

A simple JavaScript beacon added to your website allows the exchange of clickstream and product data. It also enables you to place a container into your page for interactive ScaleOut InSite product recommendations.

ScaleOut Software  the Technology Behind ScaleOut InSite

ScaleOut InSite has changed the game for personalized product recommendations. Its real-time inferencing engine uses machine-learning techniques to watch each customer’s live clickstream, analyze viewed products, infer desired brands, features, prices, and ratings, and then select products that best match the customer’s preferences. With every website click by the shopper, ScaleOut InSite learns and updates its recommendations. It also invites shoppers to interact with its selections, adjust their criteria, and instantly see the results.

This exciting new technology is made possible by ScaleOut Software’s industry-leading, scalable, in-memory computing platform which enables ecommerce websites to generate interactive, dynamic product recommendations personalized for each shopper. ScaleOut InSite’s inferencing engine generates context-aware recommendations within milliseconds. It runs as a cloud service that automatically scales to handle 100-thousand or more simultaneous shoppers.

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